Let’s catch up…

Firstly, let me apologise for the radio silence over here on the blog ~ the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind and life has been pretty hectic.

My last post was a round up following my trip to Amsterdam back in January, this is because shortly after coming home I got very unwell. I was lucky enough to have glandular fever, which completely knocked the wind out of my sails. I’d never even heard of the beast, let alone understood the effects and recovery time. At first I thought I just had a throat infection, but as time went on and a course of antibiotics didn’t work at all, a later blood test confirmed the odds. I spent several weeks in bed, unable to do more than dress myself and eat food without hours of naps in between. I won’t go into depth, but just let me warn you lads, glandular fever is no joke. I then went back to work but could only manage three days a week for a further several weeks. I had no idea that chronic fatigue was a side effect of glandular fever, but god do I understand now. I’m still recovering and re-building my energy levels almost eight weeks on. BUT on a more positive note, I think I’m almost back to normal ~ I’ve learnt to be more mindful of my capabilities and prioritise how I spend my evenings/weekends.

I applaud anyone who lives their life with a chronic illness such as chronic fatigue – you’re an absolute hero.

Moving more into March, which was full of birthday fun for my ‘better’ *said reluctantly* other half. It was his 21st birthday so I thought I should make a bit of a fuss. We had a night out with friends and definitely had one drink too many, but a good time was had by all. My parents then cooked a big roast dinner and we arranged for our parents to meet properly for the first time. It was really nice to have both of our families in one place and luckily everyone got on well! I put my event planner hat on ~ my favourite thing to do ~ and decorated the dining room with balloons, banners, confetti, cakes and a custom pin board of pictures from Harvey’s 21 years; my fave is one aged 5, stark naked covering his modesty with a small fairy wand – 21st birthday gold. He’s just lucky I didn’t get it printed on a cake!

Then we head into April, this is my birthday month! It was my 22nd, so not quite as special but I still enjoyed myself and was treated like a queen. I spent the day working from home in my PJs and then tucked into a dominos with Harvey and my parents in the evening. The following weekend was full of friends, cocktails ~ again, I had one too many and wanted to bury my head in the sand on Sunday morning ~ but managed to get my shit together with the help of a bite of toast and a sip of tea and made it out to watch Harvey’s mum and step dad run the Brighton marathon. It was such a beautiful day, we go every year and watch and it’s truly amazing to witness people do such an incredible thing both for themselves and often for really important charities.

An extra special birthday celebration was dinner at The Ivy with Harvey, we had the loveliest evening chatting and eating incredible food. It’s so important to have time with your other half, sometimes in-between work, family, friends and everything else we forget each other so try to make a point of spending quality time together.

I’ve also had a few exciting things happen for my blog and Instagram – I went up to London to do some food photography for Brown and Rosie and I was sent a few products from a couple of brands I adore ~ which for me happens very rarely so I still find it super exciting. You can see my latest content over on my Instagram.

Lastly, I’ve just become an Auntie to a new little ball of fluff and I’m so flipping happy about it. This is Obi, my best friends new puppy. He’s a cockapoo and currently is about 11weeks old. He gives the best snuggles, and has the funniest little personality. I’m taking my duties as Auntie very seriously! Again, I often share videos/pictures of him over on my Instagram stories.

I think that’s everything I had to update you on, everything else is still the same. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to over the last few months, so let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for being patient with me whilst I took some time away from writing. Speak soon,

Em x

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