Putting myself on a spending ban – #FrugalFeb

So for the month of February I’m putting myself on a spending ban, after being inspired by Alex’s (@TheFrugality) idea of #FrugalFeb. For the next four weeks the below are off limits –

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories – Jewellery / Bags etc
  • Beauty – Makeup, skincare and hair products

I’ve decided I cannot buy anything new from the categories above, now for me this could be quite difficult. I have such a love for fashion and with posting lots of style content over on Instagram I’m always browsing the ‘new in’ sections of my favourite brands and looking at new emerging style trends.

To start putting this into motion I’ve deleted all of my shopping apps on my phone ~ ASOS, New Look, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, H&M and more ~ this should prevent any unnecessary browsing due to boredom. I’ve also had a revamp in my wardrobe; just tidying and reorganising as to refresh my memory and look at all of the pieces I have.

However, I want to be more mindful both to the environment and how ‘fast-fashion’ affects it and also to my bank balance; cus’ lets get real, I’m never going to move out any time soon with my current spending habits! Plus, I have so many clothes that surely I can dress myself for four weeks without having a breakdown and panic ordering from ASOS? Right, tell me I can. I’m also hoping I’ll be able to re-discover some pieces in my wardrobe that I haven’t worn in a while.

Something I often do is save images on Instagram of outfits that I find inspiring and would like to recreate my own way and instead of then looking for similar pieces online I’m thinking about what I already have and how I could style things.

So far I’m doing well, all I’ve brought is a peal hair clip, but with that being said it is only the 7th February as I write this, and I’ve been really sick and stuck in bed since the 31st January – so there’s not been too much temptation to shop.

If you guys have any tips on how to cap your spending, I would LOVE to hear them. Leave me a comment down below…

*Also, the outfit shot in these images was styled from pieces I already owned and had never put together!

Speak soon,

Em x

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