Current Favourites & Life Update

The last few months have been crazy; I got a promotion at work and have since started my new role whilst also trying to back-fill my old role, I’ve been really focused on my diet and exercise, I’ve been to a few ‘blogger’ events *super exciting!*, we’ve had an insane heatwave and I’ve had lots of family things going on. However, amongst all of this I managed to find a few things I wanted to tell you about.


So I’m late to the party, I know. BUT I’ve recently got back into reading The F Word by Lily Pebbles. I started reading this when I was away in the Isle of Wight back in May, but then just ran out of free time. Over the last few days I’ve been picking it up and reading a few pages before I go to bed, and I’m loving it! If you haven’t heard of Lily, then please, which rock have you been living under? I’ve followed Lily on YouTube and Instagram for years and just love the content she creates and her realness. I find I can really relate to her views and opinions lots of the time. I was mega excited to hear she was writing a book; even more so on a topic that interests me so much – female friendship. I don’t want to give too much away about the book itself, but all I will say is that if you haven’t already then I strongly suggest you pick up a copy and get stuck in! It discusses everything on the surface of a making a friendship to long distance decade long friendships.


Nicely leading on from Lily, I’ve been obsessed with podcasts, one of which being Season 2 of Lily and Anna’s ‘At Home With’ podcasts which started a few weeks ago. I’ve spoken about my love for podcasts in a previous favourites post; but wanted to give a mention to a few I’ve been listening to regularly.

  • The Morning After; Official Love Island Podcast – this needs no explanation. Sadly Love Island has come to an end this summer and I still feel like there’s a whole in my life at roughly 9pm each evening.
  • At Home With – Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton’s podcast ft Cool Women doing cool shit. Season 2 fave so far has to be Tanya Burr.
  • Keeping it Candid – A weekly pop culture podcast by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton.

If you guys have any podcast recommendations, please let me know in the comments below.


I’ve been trying so so hard to eat better over the last couple of months. However, I’m a huge snack lover. I can’t make it from breakfast to lunch without a little something in between nor can I get from lunch to dinner without a snack or craving the entire confectionery isle in Sainsbury’s. I’ve been looking for ‘healthier’ snacks to fill the void and recently discovered the Nakd bars specifically the Bakewell Tart bars – INSANE! It genuinely tastes like a slice of bakewell tart but it’s made with nuts, dates and raisins. I’ve also fallen back in love with popcorn, sweet and salty proper corn is my number one choice – another low calorie snack if I’m craving something sweet. However, on the most part, I’m really trying my best to reach for fruit if I’m hungry and ask myself ‘if you’re truly hungry, will you eat an apple?’ if the answers no – you’re not hungry, you’re bored. Any healthier snack recommendations are very welcome!


As I said at the start of this post, over the last couple of months I’ve been to a few ‘blogger’ events – one of which was with Bobbi Brown. We went along to a makeup masterclass for their #Cantlivewithout campaign; we were introduced to their top 10 products as voted by their customers. Bobbi Brown is a brand I’ve admired for many years and I’ve used some of their products over time, but it was so nice to be introduced to the brand properly and get to use their products. One of my FAVOURITE products from the #Cantlivewithout edit is the Bobbi Brown Corrector! Literally this little pot solves everything and I definitely can’t live without it now.


There is a new season of Orange Is The New Black!! I’m watching it on Netflix at the moment and am about 5 episodes in; I can almost guarantee I’ll be finished by the end of the next week. I have to say after the last series not being my favourite I was apprehensive, but so far I’m loving it.

Now how can I not talk about The Incredibles 2?! I know everyone my age has been waiting for this to be realised for approximately 10 years and finally the Disney gods have answered our prayers. I went to watch it at the cinema and almost everyone in there was an ‘adult’. It did not disappoint! If you haven’t been to see it yet, I suggest you go ASAP! Next on my list, is Mumma Mia 2, and I’m mortified that I haven’t been already. I’ve been told it’s a tear jerker so I’ll be sure to take tissues.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, speak soon!

Em x

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