Wearing black in Spring & Summer

I am, and always have been drawn to an all-black outfit. I do try and add some colour into my wardrobe but ultimately I feel most chic and confident in a black on black combo. Although during the cooler months this is a very practical ensemble, once the weather (emphasis on the once) warms up for good, dressing head to toe in black can be a recipe for disaster. SO, today’s post is all about how I do this!


I love an outfit with a variety of textures, especially if it’s mainly styled in one colour. I recently brought this linen playsuit from Topshop during the bizarre heatwave we had in the UK last week – highs of 26 degrees no less! I am obsessed with these tortoise shell buttons that seem to be everywhere this season; I’ve brought shirts, skirts and dresses which all have these details and still find myself wanting more.

 I did love the look of this playsuit on its own, but for the style I was going for here I wanted to synch in the waist with a belt. I’ve been obsessing with my black and gold Gucci belt that I received for my birthday; it just goes with every outfit. I loved the contrast of the chunky leather and gold with the linen. I think it would also look really nice with a thin rope belt.


For accessories, I’m loving straw bags and basket bags which are absolutely everywhere at the moment. I’m going to link some of my favourites at the bottom of this post. This particular one is a black basket bag from ASOS; I hadn’t seen many all-black ones on the high street so snapped this up for £25. The fastening is a little fiddly but once you’ve done it a few times it gets easier. I’m able to carry around my card holder, sunglasses, phone, lip balm, headphones and a couple of other small bits and pieces but it’s obviously not designed to carry the world and his wife.

 I then just paired it with my simple silver necklace from Silverado and popped on my low heeled red mules which I brought from Primark last summer, I felt these added a subtle pop of colour for the spring and summer but didn’t affect the all-black style I was aiming for.


 ~ Shop My Outfit ~

 Playsuit – TOPSHOP / Belt – GUCCI / Basket Bag – ASOS (Out of stock) / Similar Shoes (Red Mules) – Stradivarius

 Some other basket bags I’m loving include this one from Glamorous, and this one from Topshop.

 I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know you’re thoughts.

 Lots of love


3 thoughts on “Wearing black in Spring & Summer

  1. I love this! Looks like such a nice material. I’m a sucker for a black outfit in summer as well xxx


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