Beauty Lust List

Hi guys, today I wanted to talk about some of the brands/products I’ve been lusting over. I’ve got a handful of things at the top of my list so lets jump straight in… plus some outfit shots which I really love!

Herbivore –

This is a brand I’ve seen lots over the last couple of months but sadly it wasn’t available in the UK until the start of April when Space NK started to stock their products. The packaging is just to die for; so minimalist and chic, I love the muted pastel tones throughout the range. The products are also really reasonably priced, ranging from around £16. I’m really keen to try one of their face masks, the bath soak and the bath crystals. I was really kindly gifted a Space NK voucher for my birthday a few weeks ago, so I think I know what that’ll be going towards.


Some of the most talked about products from Fresh is their infamous lip scrubs and the Soy Face Cleanser. I’ve been dying to try these for the longest time. I’ve also been hearing really positive reviews of their skincare products so I’m interested to give those a trial. Similarly to Herbivore their products are all very natural which appeals to me, I like to keep my skincare as simple and ‘chemical’ free as I can.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite Pallet

I’ve been looking and lusting over the Urban Decay Naked Heat Pallet since it launched in February. I use the Naked 3 pallet all the time and just love the quality of the shadows. The only thing that held me back slightly from making the purchase was the fact that I hadn’t really tried these warmer shades on myself and although I absolutely love the way the look in the pallet and on other people, I wasn’t sure if I was going to love them on me. So when the petite heat pallet launched it seemed like the perfect option, slightly smaller so fewer shades to try but enough to play with. I also liked the fact that this was an all matte pallet, I can add shimmer with other pallets/highlighters if I want to. Having seen others use this pallet and create incredible eye looks I’m desperate to give it a go myself and test out something a little bit different than what I’m used to.


Isle of Paradise

(Technically I’ve already caved on this one…) If you haven’t already heard about the Isle of Paradise Tanning products then where the heck have you been??? Instagram has gone crazy for their tanning water – YES I REPEAT. WATER?! I personally, hadn’t ever seen such a product and obviously was attracted to the unique idea. They have several shade ranges, all of which come in a three tanning formats – A tanning water, tanning mousse and tanning drops. I’m most interested in the tanning water; reviews I’ve read have all said that it’s not streaky and doesn’t transfer – two massive bonus’ if you ask me. I actually brought the medium tanning water a couple of weeks ago now and have used it a couple of times. The application was so easy, I’m always so worried when using a mouse that I’m going to end up with it all over the bathroom, but with the water you literally just spritz it on and then blend in with a mitt. I did this, let it air dry for a minute then got into my pj’s and into bed. In the morning there was absolutely no transfer onto the sheets at all and I had a really natural golden bronze glow. I rinsed the top layer off in the shower and then carried on with my day! The tan also fades really well, I didn’t find any areas went patchy or uneven. I also thought the product felt quite comfortable on my skin. I couldn’t tell I had put fake tan on. I would give the tanning water a big 8.5 out of 10! It is a little on the pricey side for a self tan, but I would definitely re-purchase it. I’m going to give their tanning drops a go next.


Origins Glow-Conut Face Mask X Madeline Shaw

The final thing on my current beauty lust list is the Origins glow-conut face mask in collaboration with Madeline Shaw. I don’t know if it’s because of the recent heatwave we’e had and the fact I managed to get a little bit sunburnt but my face has been unusually dry so this face masks sounds like it would be incredible for re-hydrating my skin and putting the glow back in. I’ve been loving a glowy skincare routine and haven’t felt the need to wear makeup every day.


That’s everything in the beauty department that I’m lusting over at the minute. If I do make any purchases I’ll be sure to let you know, probably over on my instagram stories, and will then give you a proper review over here on the blog.

Lots of love

Em x

2 thoughts on “Beauty Lust List

  1. These photos are adorable, I love how you’ve edited them- you’ll have to show me how ;). I’ve got the Fresh Soy Face cleansed and it is nice, just not worth the money in my opinion . I’ve been lusting after Isle Of Paradise for ages 😍😍


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