March Favourites

It’s that time of the month again; I’ve made quite a few new discoveries throughout March and I’ve been really excited to share them with you, so let’s jump straight in.


This month on one of my many coffee/cake catch ups with friends, I discovered the Lost in the Lanes Cafe. I’d heard lots about this place but never visited; god I wish I had sooner! Firstly, it’s beautiful. One of my favourite touches is the sheep skin throws over the wooden stools by the window seats. There is so much thought and detail in the decor and the food presentation. I had a chai latte in a way I never had before… it came deconstructed with all the spices in the milk which you then poured through a small sieve – it tasted as good as it looked! I’m going to head back there this weekend to try some of their food, last time I just opted for banana, walnut and nutella cake which was DELICIOUS. (Photos Featured throughout this post)



Last summer myself and my boyfriend became a little obsessed with Love Island and became heavily invested in each of the couples lives, so as you can imagine we were uber excited to see the Chris and Olivia had filmed their own TV show – Chris and Olivia Crackin’ On. It’s 3 episodes of arguments, make ups and a look into their daily lives. We loved it! If you’re a reality TV lover like myself (I’m not even ashamed) then I’d find it on catch up and give it a watch!


Last month I gave a brief mention to some of the Youtubers I’ve been loving. This month I thought I’d include some of the Instagram accounts I’ve been obsessing over… firstly I’ve been dying over Carrie’s Instagram – WishWishWish – Her account is full of amazing travel shots, outfit inspiration and interior goals. Speaking of interior goals; I’ve been loving Kate Lavie’s account. I’ve also been obsessing over a few of my fellow Brighton girls accounts Georgia Win, Hannah Ivvy and PagesfromBeth,



This is where I’ve made the most new discoveries, I tried lots of new things in March and have fallen back in love with makeup and the process of testing out new things. You might remember I spoke about the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray in my January favourites – since I used up the bottle I had I was trying to find a slightly more ‘bank balance’ friendly dupe. It seemed like perfect timing as IGK had just launched in Space NK. I decided to give the IGK Hair, Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray a go. I’ve been getting on with it really well, it gives my curls/waves good hold and adds some volume and texture to the roots of my hair. I’d definitely repurchase this product as it was a more affordable £25.00.

I also discovered the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow. Oh my GOSH this is a miracle must have product! You can wear it under your makeup as a glowy primer, or on it’s own for a healthy dewy complexion. I’ve been applying it before my makeup and found that it gives me a lit from within glow, it looks incredible in photos both during the day and if I go out in the evening. I just love it!

Lastly, L’Oreal launched their new ‘No Makeup, Makeup’ range, the emphasis from this range is for dewy, natural makeup which obviously appealed to me. I poped into Boots to check out the range and picked up the Bonjour Nudista skin Tint (£9.99 RRP, currently on a 3for2 offer!). I’ve really enjoyed using this product, it’s the perfect amount of coverage – enough to even my skin tone, but still allows my skin to show through and look natural. It also wears really well over the day, so it’s perfect for a quick 5 minute makeup look before work or a day of running errands on the weekend. I’m really keen to try the blush from the rang ‘Life’s a Peach’ and also the bronzer ‘Back to bronze’.


Have a fabulous hump day guys, speak soon.

Lots of Love

Em x

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