Casual Sunday Outfit

Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful little bunnies. I hope you’re all having a chocolate filled day with friends and family. In order to accommodate the food baby that I will no doubt home later this afternoon I thought I’d share my casual Sunday outfit.

My Sunday’s normally consist of very little, it’s the one day of the week I let myself sleep until I wake up. I usually have a very lazy, relaxed morning and then if I’m feeling adventurous I might go out for a coffee or for some food; if I’m feeling too lazy to cook.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as I’m going to do a full lazy Sunday routine post very soon, but today I wanted to share with you one of my go-to casual Sunday outfits. Basic uniform – Big cosy jumper, jeans and trainers. This week I’ve switched it up slightly and swapped my black jeans for black leather trousers – I know, hold on to your hats people.

On this occasion I did exactly as described and popped out for a coffee with my mum, before cosy-ing up in bed with my boyfriend and the pup for the afternoon. BLISSFUL. This Sunday is no different, I’m spending Easter with family eating lots of food and chocolate and probably playing monopoly this evening if my partner and his brother have any say in the matter!


~ Shop my outfit below ~

Jumper – Topshop // Jeans – Primark (a long time ago, but lots of high-street stores have similar ones) // Trainers – Converse //

Lots of love

Em x

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