I’m ready for Spring…even if it’s not quite here yet!

I’m so ready to get my spring wardrobe out and start wearing shirts and dresses without another hundred layers on top. I can’t wait to get my collection of mules out; I brought a blush pink pair not long ago that I just haven’t been able to wear yet.

So to start my protest for spring; I’ve recently added this monochrome polka dot peplum blouse to my wardrobe – it’s spring without being too ambitious. Right?


One of my favourite things about spring is seeing all of the flowers blossom, daffodils start to appear and you start to see little lambs in the fields – just little things that make your day brighter. As well as this, the evenings are finally getting lighter!! No more living in darkness – I was sick of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark too.


I also love the fact fruit comes back into season, god have I been waiting for strawberries and raspberries to get back to their prime.

I’m super excited to continue updating my spring wardrobe! Especially with bargains like this shirt which was only £17.99 from New Look. I want to get some striped culottes and some bright colourful tops/dresses.


What’s your favourite thing about spring??

Lots of Love

Em x

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