Cafe Marmalade

Oh hi, I’m coming at you with a little round up following a visit to Cafe Marmalade another super cute coffee/brunch/lunch place situated on the outskirts of Brighton in Kemptown.

As always, I’d done my research and was sure I was going to like it here. It didn’t disappoint; Cafe Marmalade is one of the chicest little coffee stops I’ve been too in Brighton. It is quite a small cosy space with a maisonette seating area (such a unique layout!).

There is an abundant of fresh pastries, sandwiches and sweet and savoury snacks laid out beautifully on the counter as well as a ridiculous menu full of incredible choices. I had to stop myself from going overboard and ordering with my eyes instead of my stomach – something I had to learn the hard way from a young age!


The staff in Cafe Marmalade were so flipping lovely and welcoming, they organised a table for us really efficiently. Considering it was prime ‘brunch-time’ on a Saturday we only waited about 5-10 minutes for a table.

We had the perfect little spot next to a window (with the PREFECT LIGHTING; if you’re a photography enthusiast like myself, then this will really rock your world). Cafe Marmalade’s style is a little different to lots of the others in Brighton, I love the shabby-chic decor and miss-matched, authentic feel. The cutlery was placed in rustic china utensil pots on the tables, the menus were written up on large brown paper scripts hung on the walls, the non-uniform wooden tables and chairs combined with blue and white boarder tiles just seemed to all fit together seamlessly. I was feeling the vibes.

So lets get to the real talk, the food and drink. Yes. Just yes. 

The coffee’s were amazing; strong but creamy with the right amount of froth. Could you wish for anything more? We actually ordered our coffees and sat and chatted for a while whilst contemplating our food choices and sneakily browsing over other peoples selections. It was a VERY tough decision but by a small margin, we both opted for the banana bread french toast with greek yogurt and winter berries. YES, I said BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST. I’ll just leave that with you.


I was also really drawn to the scrambled eggs – I’d seen some go out and they were exactly the way I like them. I hate dry scrambled eggs, they’re supposed to be creamy; and don’t even try disagreeing with me, and it is so rare to find them like that out and about!

To top off this very positive review it was also incredibly affordable; so much so that I actually thought they’d miscalculated or forgotten to add the coffees to the bill. I will absolutely be returning to Cafe Marmalade as soon as possible – firstly to try the scrambled eggs and secondly to test their chai latte. If you’re near the Brighton/Kemptown area I would definitely pop in and grab a coffee.

If you would recommend any other coffee/brunch/lunch places in Brighton I’d love to know; I’m always ready to try new places and would love to write some more mini reviews on the blog.

I hope you all had a lovely, fun filled weekend whatever you got up to.

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Lots of Love

Em  x



One thought on “Cafe Marmalade

  1. I actually really like the one menu on the wall style of doing things. It can be very aesthetically pleasing but also great for the environment. No one has to pay/print a new menu if there is a change or for when the menus eventually start to wear out. It’s just up on the wall 🙂


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