A festive date night in Brighton

Given that Christmas is my absolute FAVOURITE time of the year, I always try and take some time off to enjoy it. To start off the celebrations my boyfriend and I decided we’d spend date night doing all things festive in Brighton.

We started by wandering down to a little Christmas market in Jubilee Square, its only very tiny but still ridiculously cute and festive! After wandering around and scoping out all of the food stalls we decided on something sweet – a chocolate kebab and an extra special hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows – this wasn’t as sickly as it sounds I promise, plus we did share. We sat down, ate all of the chocolate and watched the world go by. I love people watching and making up different scenarios for passers-by – call me crazy. Side note, I’d never had a chocolate kebab but I now think they should be readily available from every local kebab shop all year round.


After stuffing our faces we thought we should go for a walk through the lanes under all the Christmas lights and look at the festive displays in the shop windows – again one of my favourite things to do. I’m easily pleased, or some might say I’m just a cheap date?!



Next on the agenda was a visit to the Royal Pavilion. They have an ice rink here every winter and it’s one of my favourite spots in Brighton during December. I absolutely love ice skating and have been every year since I can remember! HOWEVER, my boyfriend is absolutely 100%, no questions and no persuasion against putting a pair of skates on – I know, could be a deal breaker? So we compromised and went to the bar at the ice rink. Still super cute and of course every surface is covered in fairy lights and there are twinkly trees in every direction. Very picturesque.


We both had a drink and sat and chatted for a while, whilst watching people ice skate – again more entertaining than it sounds. Seeing people cling to the sides and shuffle along only to freak out when they have to cross the gap at the entrance of the ice rink without a railing to hold OR those who look semi-professional whizzing around at 30 miles an hour twirling and whirling (a girl can only dream of being that elegant).


After chatting about all things life and Christmas related e.g. which matching pyjamas everyone was going to have for Christmas Eve, what food was planned, what gifts had been bought and what presents were left to buy – All the important things! We decided that instead of going out for dinner we would head home and have Chinese, whilst watching a Christmas film and snuggling up on the sofa with the dog.

Call me old, but this is my PERFECT date night. What would be your ideal December date? Next year I am absolutely adamant I’m going to take a long weekend in London. I want to visit the Natural History Museum ice rink, see the Oxford Street lights whilst Christmas shopping and visit Covent Garden’s iconic Christmas tree and given any excuse to book a weekend away in a swish ‘up-town’ hotel is a big ol’ yes from moi.

Hope you all have a magical weekend, if you’ve got any date nights planned be sure to let me know what you get up to.

Lots of Love
Em x

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