Something I’ve learned recently and have been trying to programme myself to do more naturally is be a more optimistic/positive person. I make myself, even on the worst days, think of at least three things to be positive about. Whether it’s things that have happened that day or things I have to look forward to, just making myself focus on the good things and appreciate the little things brightens my mood. In a similar manor to a post a week or so ago where I wrote about acknowledging things you like about yourself, I’m going to talk about three positive things that have happened this week – let me know yours…

1. Firstly, a small but glorious victory – After a very stressful day at work I decided to treat myself, I went along to the vending machine with my heart set on a Kinder Bueno. I put in the change, pressed the code, the metal bars started to turn, the chocolate getting ever closer, at which point it stopped. YES, STOPPED. I was 90p down and chocolate-less. I did the classic; gave the machine a ‘gentle’ nudge, nothing. I tried re-entering the code, nothing. In the end I decided I’d have to try and get the money back out and opt for something different. I retrieved the coins and put them back in, selected the code for a Galaxy. The metal bars started to turn and then BOTH CHOCOLATE BARS FELL OUT. I GOT A KINDER BUENO AND A GALAXY BAR FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. A small but glorious victory. (I would like to add that I shared said chocolate bars with my colleagues!)

2. A trip to the dentist – My least favourite place and experience EVER is going to the dentist. I hadn’t been since 2015 (don’t follow in my footsteps, you should all go regularly) but this week I’d been suffering with some toothache and was getting more and more anxious that I’d have to go to the dentist and have some work done. On Thursday I bit the bullet, booked an appointment and took myself off on my lunch break – this is an achievement in itself, even at the age of 20 I still feel like I need my mum to come with me. I had the usual checks and then had some photographs taken – the diagnosis; overly sensitive teeth. The treatment; extra strong sensitive toothpaste. The positive – NO DENTAL WORK! Plus I overcame an obstacle and went to the dentist alone. Pat on the back for me.

3. Lastly, something very small but brings me a lot of happiness – I managed to fill up a card of ‘coffee stamps’ at work… this means I’ll have a free coffee on Monday morning. Seriously what could be better??

So having read my three little things, I want to know what’s one little positive thing that’s happened for you this week?

It’s not always about big things in life, sometimes you can find more happiness from the unexpected simple things.

Have a fab weekend everyone,

Lots of love

Em x

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