The wait is over ; GLOSSIER IS HERE

After months and months of lusting over Glossier and all of their products, listening to the hype and seeing products being used by so many. The wait is finally over. We can finally get our hands on their products here in the UK!!

*Choir in the background singing Hallelujah*


So it launched, I got over excited and put everything in my basket, then quickly realised I hadn’t won the lottery and needed to be realistic. I wasn’t sure about the kind of price range the Glossier products would fall into, but I was pleasantly surprised to see they were very affordable. Another positive – the postage and packaging wasn’t a ball ache either! Free delivery with orders over £25… we all knew I’d spend more than that anyway.


After long and hard deliberation I opted to try three of their products – the infamous Boy Brow, and lastly the Stretch Concealer. I have heard so much about all three of these products and I was drawn to these the most!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA• The Boy Brow – £14, I brought the shade blonde.

• The Balm.Com – £10, I was most drawn to the coconut scent.


• The Glossier Stretch Concealer – £15, I went for shade light.


I’m sure I’m no exception here, but one of the main things that drew me to the brand is the product packaging; the combination of millennial pink, white, black and silver just looks so chic. I couldn’t resist.

Having used all three of the products I’m VERY impressed with them! I absolutely love the boy brow; it’s the perfect shade and texture. It keeps my brows looking naturally brushed through but firmly in place without having that crispy/crunchy feel I hate. The has completely revived my lips, the colder weather can have a really horrible effect on my lips but this acts as a nourishing barrier whilst smelling amazing. I was a little apprehensive about the stretch concealer, mainly because buying a base product online that you’ve never switched is always incredibly risky, but the colour matches my skin tone so well. It blends seamlessly and has incredible coverage without feeling cakey.

Following my first impressions of Glossier I have to say I’m really impressed and I’ll definitely be trying out a few more of their products – I’m keen to try some of their skincare products specifically the Milk Jelly Cleanser and Face Masks. I also want to try the Generation G Lipsticks and Perfecting Skin Tint.


If you haven’t yet tried any of their products and want to give them a go CLICK HERE for 10% off your order. If you have tested out the brand let me know what you’re favourite Glossier product is…

Lots of love

Em x

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