Packing For A Weekend Away

This weekend I’m heading into London with my boyfriend specifically for leisure purposes and I’m not sure what I’m more excited about; being a tourist or packing my overnight bag. I love making lists and getting things organised so packing a bag is right up my street, however unpacking is the most tedious task to date.

We’re only staying for one night so I’m going to pack as lightly as possible.


I always start by making lists of the following – toiletries, clothing, shoes, accessories and tech  – this way I can’t *I say that loosely* forget anything.

I always have my travel toiletries half packed for ease of grab and go; I love the miniature versions of the Nourishing+ Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner and have a small shower gel and moisturiser from the Body Shop. I chuck in my face wash and a face mask – I’m going to try out the Sand and Sky; Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask which I received in last month’s Birchbox (Check out that post HERE). I cannot go anywhere without the Pixi Glow Tonic, so have the miniature version packed. Then all that’s left to pop in is my eye and face creams and my deodorant.  TOILETRIES DONE.

Next I move onto makeup, I’m going to try and scale this down a bit. I’ve been loving a certain selection of products lately and have been doing pretty much the same thing every day, so I’m not going to faff about and just stick to them and a couple of brushes. Hopefully I can size down on the makeup bag and make more room for an extra pair of shoes?

Ok, now we’re onto the main bulk of the case; clothing. Outfit planning is all fun and games until the UK weather does a complete 180 and you’re left stranded in the city with a small jacket in the pouring rain or a faux fur coat in 18 degree heat. You just can’t win. I’m going to attempt to get the balance right and give myself some options without going overboard. I’ll start with a pair of jeans and a couple of tops to choose between, plus an item of knitwear for if it’s a little colder; layers are key! I’m going to take a pair of tights and a skirt for the evening plus an alternative pair of trousers for the Sunday. Then the trickiest decision to make; outerwear, I’m going to wear a thicker jacket and then pack a thinner one so I have a couple of options.

Shoes – I’m going to play safe and stick to plain black boots and my black Nike roche runs; the comfiest shoes I own, so I know I can walk around all day and not want to cut off my own legs. Now onto accessories, which is something I’m most likely to forget. I’m going to wear my everyday gold jewellery and black belt then to give myself an alternative I’m going to pack my a set of silver jewellery and a red belt.

Lastly, techy stuff. I always pack my GHD’s, my hair simply won’t comply with anything else and I risk looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. Then of course I’m taking my phone, iPad and charger and camera with a fully charged battery!

WE ARE DONE, quite a simplistic packing list if you ask me! Sorry if it’s been a bit of a rambly post…

What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

Have a fab weekend,

Lots of Love

Em x

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