Body Positivity

We are our own worst enemy. Self-negativity and criticism is much louder than positive self-image and body confidence. We’re constantly pointing out our own flaws and dislikes and making mental notes of what we would like to change about ourselves. How we’d feel so much better if our nose was a little smaller, our boobs were slightly bigger, our lips were plumper, our hair was blonder, our eyelashes more fluttery, stomach more toned… the list goes on.

Body confidence is something that I’m sure everyone has personal battles with, so in light of being less self-critical I’m going to talk about a couple of things I like about myself and I urge you to do the same! I’d love to know what your favourite thing about your appearance and personality are.

Oh the irony – I’ve got to this point in the post ready to start being positive and I now I’m stuck, I’m useless at saying nice things about myself… I’m going to make a cup of tea and have a think, hold that thought.

RIGHT, 20 minutes later –  One of the things I love about myself is my eyes, I like the green/hazel colour and the way I can enhance this with makeup. I also like my lips, I was once having my makeup done and the artist told me I have a ‘great cupids bow’ – the strangest compliment I’ve ever received but one that has definitely stuck with me.

I’m very happy with my boobs; something I used to hate. I always felt they were too small but now I’ve grown to love them (even if they haven’t grown!). They’re not too small, nor are they too big. They fit my body perfectly. I find being able to wear a bralet on a daily basis and not have my boobs hanging down by my waist very comfortable, plus they’re not an issue for exercise! What could be better?!

Please join me and speak about something you LOVE about yourself and tell other people something you love about them. Positivity is key and building each other’s self-confidence is so important. Trust me, what you see in the mirror and dislike others don’t even notice! Stop being so hard on yourself and instead give yourself some love.

Sending you all fab Friday vibes,


Lots of Love

Em x

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