Friday Favourites # 2

For this weeks ‘Friday Favourites’ we’re talking bags.

I’m 100% a bag lover, to the point where from the age of about 5 my Dad’s referred to me as a crazy bag lady and nearly has a heart attack every time I parade a new purchase around with pride. So of course I’ve made three recent bag purchases and I can not get enough of them. Without trying, there seems to be a general theme going on…all three are bold, colour block bags with chunky hardware.

Starting with the largest of the three – This red medium bucket bag is from Zara. I have to give my best friend Lana (find her instagram HERE) all of the credit for this find. I’m loving everything red at the moment so this ticks all the boxes. It’s the perfect size for everyday; I can fit all of my necessities in and more, plus my diary and Ipad if needed. There is no zip on this bag, however there is a drawstring bag attached to the inside to keep all of your things together and secure and the fastening over the top adds another element of security.

The fastening is one of the things that made me fall in love with this bag… I think the gold hardware goes so well with the red and the gold hoop gives of a Chloe’esque vibe. This bag is quite versatile, you can either use the long strap and have it about hip height, or tuck that into the bag and use the short handle – I switch between the two depending on my outfit and how I’m feeling. Lastly, this bag is so affordable at £19.99 it’s one of the most reasonably priced red bags I’ve seen on the high street. I’ll link some similar alternatives at the end of this post.


The second of the three is a little smaller but still holds all of my essentials. I love the colour of this bag, especially now we’re heading into autumn it’s perfect for the transition from summer into the slightly chillier weather when I’m inclined to wear darker colours. I brought this a couple of weeks back when I went to Portsmouth and did a bit of shopping; I was wandering around the accessories section in Primark and struggled to just pick one or two of their bags, I fell in LOVE with them all! This was just £8 so I simply couldn’t leave without it…

Similarly to the red bag, the hardware on this is gold and chunky. I just love the way it looks with the block colour and I was drawn to the strap as its a combination of chain and leather as sometimes I find just a chain strap can be uncomfortable on the shoulder if I’ve done my usual and filled my bag with everything plus the kitchen sink. (I like to be prepared for any occasion)

Finally, I couldn’t just pick one bag in Primark so I also left with my third and smallest bag purchase, this one was even more affordable at only £5! Tell me you would have put it back? No, didn’t think so. I was instantly drawn to this bag because of it’s colour, I thought it would fit into my wardrobe very nicely. It’s much much smaller than the other bags but I can still fit my purse, phone, keys and a few other essentials. I find this the perfect weekend / night out bag. Again following theme, the hardware is gold and chunky although there’s not as much on this bag.

I’m sure I will be on the hunt for another new bag as we approach the winter season. The bag at the very top of my wish list is a Chloe Faye, but it may be a few more years until I take the plunge on that one!

For now here are some other high street bags I’m loving –

TOPSHOP Red Cross Body Bag

TOPSHOP Ring Handle Shopper

Zara Backpack

Zara Cross body Bag

I hope you have a fab Friday, lots of love.

Em x

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