Achieving a work / life balance at 20

I know I’m definitely not the only person of my age group to struggle with a healthy work-life balance; I’m without a doubt a workaholic and that means that my social life tends to be put second. I hate the thought of not completing work or underachieving. I work in a very high pressured, fast paced environment and as much as I love it and enjoy being busy and challenged, some weeks are just exhausting. I reach the weekend and am just too tired to do the things I want to or have planned such as go out for drinks with friends on a Friday night or go out with family on a Saturday.

 I think that the current circumstances for my generation and peers means that I’m no exception, whether we’re working full time or studying at Uni and trying to work part time in order to have an income, achieving a healthy work-life balance is near enough impossible. It also becomes harder and harder as everyone gets older and gains more responsibilities to find time when everyone is available to socialise.

Another major factor that makes getting the balance right between work and everything else is finance, having the money to do new things with friends sometimes means I just don’t get to do them and then end up spending more time at work than doing  anything enjoyable. One of the biggest things that concerns me is being financially able to move out any time soon – it’s just totally unrealistic; even though I work full time and save as much as possible. I’d ideally like to have moved out by the age of 25 at the very latest, but who knows if that’ll happen…

Sometimes allowing work to take over your life is necessary to progress and succeed, however at the age of 20 I don’t think this should be the case. I want to enjoy being young and having the freedom to do certain things. I’m going to make a conscious effort to get the balance right and putting equal effort into work and my personal life.

Let me know what your thoughts are on finding the right work life balance!

Lots of love




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