Gail’s Artisan Bakery ; A Review

Today’s post is a new instalment in my regular, but informal series of brunch reviews

~ This time I’ll be talking about Gail’s Artisan Bakery ~ 




I had heard so much about Gail’s over the last month or so, that I didn’t want to experience the fear of missing out (FOMO). So I made a trip ASAP! 

Gail’s have got a number of bakery’s across London and have also opened a branch in Hove. I flipping love this place for everything from it’s interior design to its coffee. Each Bakery/Café is decorated in an authentic, yet modern chic theme with wooden accents and a variety of plants adding a touch of life and colour. You can’t help but be drawn into Gail’s they display stacks of freshly baked breads, savoury pastries/snacks and an abundant of visually enticing cakes and sweet treats. They also have a variety of chilled snacks to choose from such as chia pudding pots and yoghurt with berries and their famous granola.



As well as their grab and go food, they also have sit down menus for Breakfast and Lunch – or as it’s most commonly know, especially here on my blog, BRUNCH.

Options range from ‘Fruit and Cereal’, a number of ‘On toast’ dishes, a few ‘Cooked’ choices and finally a handful of ‘Sides’ to pick from. So I’d definitely say there’s something for everyone! See their full menu here…


Personally I’m a massive fan of sweeter things rather than savoury, so if I can have anything close to what could be classed as dessert for brunch then I’m a winner in my eyes. With that in mind, it’ll be no surprise that I opted for the ~ Brioche French Toast with seasonal fruit compote (raspberries and plums) and creme fresh ~ YES it was even better than it sounds. I can wholeheartedly say that this was the best french toast I have ever had. The French toast itself literally melts in your mouth and the berry compote cuts through the sweetness to balance it all out. Pure heaven.



Of course I couldn’t leave without picking up a little something for later!


Next time I visit I’m going to give the yoghurt and granola a go…

Have an amazing weekend

Lots of love

Em x






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