30 Before 30 ; Bucket List

I turned 20 this year, I’ll be 21 in April – it’s not old, I know that, but it did make me have a very serious think about what I want to have achieved in the next 10 years. Everyone says your 20’s is when you’re in your prime, I want to ensure I make the most of them! So as a result of this quarter life crisis I’ve made a 30 before 30 list – some things are simple and easily achievable, others are major life events that absolutely scare me to death right now… but maybe by 27 I’ll be more prepared. I hope.

  1. Get a small tattoo – something to symbolise my immediate family
  2. Have my ears pierced again – now I’ve had them done a few times, I want more
  3. Start giving blood – I think this is really important and anyone who can should do so, you never know when you might need it yourself
  4. Travel to Thailand and Bali – this has been a dream for a few years now, it’s definitely one of the things I aim to do in the next year.
  5. Do some conservation work abroad whilst travelling – I would love to do some work with elephants or work within the community with children
  6. Go camping – I’m not an outdoorsy kind of girl but I’m determined to give PROPER camping a go, not this Glamping thing I can cope with.
  7. Go to Disney Florida with my family – I’ve been to Disney Land Paris a couple of times but the ultimate Disney dream if Florida. I need to experience the magic and taking my younger cousins would just be the best holiday.
  8. Take an events planning/management course – I think I’ve come to the conclusion my ideal career is in events planning and management, my dream is to be a wedding planner but small steps to begin with. I might do a separate post about this, let me know if you’d be interested.
  9. Progress to a career I’m passionate about – this just leads on from the above goal
  10. Go on a hike to see the sunrise  – I love sunsets/sunrises. They’re so peaceful and grounding.
  11. Start a capsule wardrobe – I spend so much money of ‘fast fashion’ and ‘seasonal trends’ I feel if i was to have core capsule wardrobe which I updated every season I would definitely save myself money and find outfit picking much easier.
  12. Go skinny dipping – Surely this is just a universal bucket list must
  13. Surprise someone I love– I always make a conscious effort to ensure the people I love and care about know that and I invest my time and efforts in them, but I would love to plan a big surprise for someone.
  14. Live in New York for a month/two – NYC is one of my favourite places in the world, I’ve only been once before but I know I would like to experience life there longer term. I think the opportunities would be amazing.
  15. Volunteer/fund raise for charities close to my heart – helping those who’re vulnerable and less fortunate is something I’m very passionate about so fundraising of any form is something I’d like to give more time to.
  16. Run a half marathon – now this is something I don’t really want to write down and commit to, but I have to do it once in a lifetime surely. I couldn’t commit to a full marathon, NO WAY. So I think a half is a reasonable compromise.
  17. Get hypnotised – I’m just intrigued as to how hypnosis works and get be beneficial
  18. Go on long weekend-city break to somewhere new each year – Exploring new places is another one of my favourite things to do, I love taking a long weekend with friends somewhere I’ve never seen. I would really like to go to Barcelona, Amsterdam and Rome.
  19. Commit to an 80/20 lifestyle – I know I go through phases of being fully committed to a healthier lifestyle; eating better and exercising regularly. Recently I’ve been in a slump so I really want to commit to living an 80/20 lifestyle, not refusing myself things but eating things in moderation and getting back into an exercise regime.
  20. Aim to have a few spa treatments/days each year – Giving time to myself and allowing time to properly relax is so important I want to commit to doing so a couple of times a year.
  21. Plan an amazing hen party for a girlfriend – As above, organising and planning parties is a passion of mine so doing so for a best friend is something that excites me already – even though none of my close girl friends are even engaged yet; the time will come!
  22. Become an ‘honorary’ Auntie – I don’t have siblings but I’ll take the place of honorary Auntie to my best friends babies. I can’t wait to buy adorable little outfits, look after them for the weekend and spoil them rotten. GIRLS please start popping them out soon!
  23. Move out and buy a house/get a mortgage – Ok we’ve reached the first of the scarier ones. I refuse to move out and rent. I plan on saving as much as I can in order to move out and be able to get a mortgage. This is how I feel at 20, but things could change over time.
  24. Decorate house – interior design is another one of my passions, I can’t wait to have my own space to organise and decorate exactly how I’d like it.
  25. Get a puppy – My parents never ever allowed me to have a pet, purely because they both worked full time and no one would have been around enough; but I do feel like I’ve missed out. I can’t wait to be able to have a puppy after I’ve moved out.
  26. Get engaged – I would like to get married in the future and engagement is the first half I guess…
  27. Find the perfect wedding dress– I’ve known for a long time the style I’ll want but the question is how long will it take me to find it and for how much…
  28. Plan my wedding – I mean surely this is a given following my previous goals?!
  29. Get married – The final step of four
  30. Have a baby – I think this is the one that scares me the most at the moment, hence why it’s number 30. It’s probably the last thing I’ll have to tick off my list. I’m 90% sure I would like to have children. I think when the timing is right I’ll know for sure.


I’d be so interested to know what’s on your bucket list… leave a comment and let me know!

Lots of love

 Em x

One thought on “30 Before 30 ; Bucket List

  1. You have so many things on here that I want to achieve too! You’ve made me want to write one of these now! FYI though, if you do go skinny dipping, make sure its not in broad daylight… I’ve learnt from experiences… xx


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