Five Friday Favourites ;

This week I just wanted to talk about some things I’ve been loving, I don’t have a particular topic in mind so I’m afraid this is going to be a bit random…but I hope you enjoy the read none the less and perhaps are inspired to try something new.
My first favourite has been the weather, there’s just something about the sun shining and being able to wear skirts, dresses and sandals that instantly lifts my mood. It’s so nice to be able to sit outside for lunch at work or go for a walk in the evening and have an ice cream. I’ve always found that the weather is a massive influence on my mood so a bit of sunshine is always welcome.
My second favourite of recent weeks has been a podcast. I had never listened to a podcast before and wasn’t sure how I felt about the idea of just listening to something with no images to follow. However, I flipping loved it. The reason I have now discovered the world of podcasts is due to Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner starting a new series called ‘At Home With…’ – the concept of their podcasts is totally up my street; each Wednesday there is a new episode featuring someone they’re inspired by having a chat about anything and everything in their homes. I love being able to hear about their careers, stories from their past, their wardrobes and makeup journeys and generally what their houses look like – I’m clearly a very nosey person.

Now my third favourite it revolutionary; I’ve always found cleaning my makeup brushes to be the biggest chore and something I plan on doing and then end up putting off for at least another week. However, things have changed… I have now discovered the Eco tools Brush cleanser. This product literally works miracles. I’ve used a number of brush cleansers in the past from MAC, No7, NYX, Beauty Blender and the classic baby shampoo but none of them come close to comparing. The Eco Tools Cleanser removes every spec of makeup from each brush and makes them look brand new. I’ve had these Zoeva brushes for just over two years and use them every day, but you would not be able to tell after I’ve cleaned them. I simply wet the brush put a small amount of the cleanser on the brush and work it in, rinsing with clean water after. I make sure to squeeze out any excess water and gently dry with a clean towel. In order to keep them fluffy and in shape I hold the brush upside down between my palms and roll it, this gets even more water out and returns the brush to its natural shape. This cleanser is totally affordable, priced at £5.99 available from Boots and Superdrug.

From a recent blog post you will have seen I tried some products from Beauty Pie, I’m still using the products but there is one in particular I have fallen in love with the Futurelipstick – Matte in the shade Cowboy Nude . This is the creamiest matte formulae I own, it’s incredibly moisturising yet pigmented. It stays in place for such a long time and only requires a top up if I happen to have eaten something substantial like a burger or doughnut… of which I’m guilty more than I should be. If you have a read of my previous post where I explain the concept of Beauty Pie, you’ll get a better understanding of how I was able to buy this lipstick for just £2.30.

Finally, my food favourite from the past few weeks has without a doubt been the new White chocolate magnum pots. If you have not tried these yet, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. All of my friends know my ice cream of choice is always a white chocolate magnum so the release of these was very exciting for me; I can tell you now, it did not disappoint. The entire outer of the pot is coated with chocolate then there is thick base, middle layer and lid to break through, making the pot full of chocolate and magnum ice cream. I’ve been told this is not a one person serving so previously I’ve had to share with others but I think I could make my way through an entire pot given a film to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In fact I may even test my theory this weekend!
I hope you’ve had a lovely week, lets hope the sun stays around for the weekend
Lots of Love, Em x

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