The perfect summer jacket;



I’d say my wardrobe is 90% monochrome and 10% blush pink – one of the newest additions to my jacket collection is this blush pink suede long-line blazer. I brought this from Zara a couple of weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it.

I saw it in store and instantly knew I needed it, I was expecting it to be around the £50 mark so was pleasantly surprised when the ticket said £30… I walked straight to the tills and made the purchase, I knew I’d get so much wear out of it over spring and summer. It’s just the right thickness to keep me warm on the chillier days; in the UK we get more of them than we’d like, but also not too thick that I end up carrying it.


For someone like myself who doesn’t wear a lot of colour I still feel like I can play it safe with a monochrome outfit and wear this over the top to brighten it up. My summer resolution is to make my wardrobe more colourful!


Lots of Love

Em x

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